Week 3 Pep Talk

By CP Bialois

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Almost there…

That’s the phrase many of us say about this time during NaNoWriMo. We can see the finish line in the challenge, our WIP (Work in progress), or both. It’s also a time that can be difficult to push through.

You’re asking yourself things like, “What was I thinking?”, “Can I really do this?”, and “Is this really worth it?”

It’s easy for us to doubt or question ourselves when we become mired in a story we love. We want so much to finish it, to raise our hands and say we’re writers by completing this challenge.

It’s easy for us to forget that writing can be fun. Yep, that’s right. Writing is supposed to be fun. It’s one of the few times we’re allowed to let our inner child out to play and imagine a different world or adventure we want to be a part of.

You know what? That means it’s all right to break a few rules. It’s your story. Don’t like the direction or a character? Throw a major obstacle in their way. If things are too difficult for them, give them a solution that’s so simple it’s ridiculous. You can always go back and fix it later. Have fun with it and challenge yourself with a game like trying to write your daily goal faster than you did the day before. Promise yourself a treat after making your characters’ lives miserable, or a little easier. Indulge away and I think you’ll find the obstacles that seemed so large before are little more than speed bumps.

Playing is fun, and that’s exactly what writing can be, so enjoy it. NaNoWriMo only comes around once a year so sit back and let your imagination fly.

Share some other ideas about what you can do to make the writing fun in the comments below!

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Being a Multi-Genre Author

By CP Bialois

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Hello everyone!

Being a multi-genre author is a topic that’s been one of the most discussed topics in the writing groups I’m in, so I thought I’d throw my two cents in and share my thoughts.

As many of you know, I’m a multi-genre author. For me, it’s a simple choice since I have an interest in just about everything and anything. I love sci-fi and fantasy, action adventure and horror, so it’s easy for me to have ideas and stories in all of those that I want to explore and share.

Sounds simple, right? Not so fast.

There are many arguments against being multi-genre and some of the most vocalized cons of doing so I’ve heard are: “Your readers won’t know what to expect from you”, “You need to make it easy for your readers to find you”, and “It’s easier to brand your books if they’re in the same genre”.

Now, those are all good arguments to a certain extent. Let’s take the first one about our readers not knowing what to expect.

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