Wearing Many Hats

By Jamie W.

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Hello, again. 🙂 I promised you all a post before, but another more timely one came in I wanted to get out. That all said, you may have noticed that these Friday posts I do usually come out a bit later in the day than other posts. Basically? It comes down to one thing: A desperate need of organization and feeling a bit overwhelmed at times.

I’m sure you know what I am talking about. As authors, we usually wear a ton of other hats. We’re also editors. Marketers. Some of us are designers as well. Add in jobs (Stephen King pointed out in On Writing only 5% of authors make enough to live solely on their books alone), and it gets even crazier.

That’s where the need to organize and get on a schedule is so critical. Here are some things I am planning to implement and some resources to help.

  • Make a list. While I fell out of the habit for a little while, I love to-do lists. They bring some structure to my day and it feels great to see things getting checked off.  Put the highest priority stuff at the top and work your way down.
  • Be Realistic. This is related to lists, and a trap I’ve fallen into a few times. I’d start jotting down a ton of things that I needed to get done and only get half of the list completed. I was trying to jam too much in one day, which left me feeling disappointed and even more overwhelmed.

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